Mullins Enterprises

Mullins Enterprises is the holding company for Legacy Restoration and Sibley Construction Services. Both companies work directly with customers that file property claims from storm, fire or flood damage to their homes.

Legacy Restoration is based in Plymouth, MN and serves the Twin Cities, Denver, and Chicago areas while Sibley Construction Services serves the Lafayette, LA area. In all of these areas, damage to homes from severe weather can be significant, creating a need for reputable, reliable service that can coordinate their efforts directly with the insurance companies. Both companies do residential and multi-family property storm restoration, exterior improvement, repairs and maintenance on roofing, siding, windows and gutters. Their main differentiator is the investment and experience in the insurance property loss niche as they provide restoration and vendor services directly to the insurance industry.

Mullins Enterprises is owned by a father and son team, Roger and Scott Mullins, whose professional careers intersected in 2005. As ITEL was developing their siding and roofing matching services, headed by Roger as the CEO of ITEL, Scott was working in sales for a contractor handling exterior loss claims. Together they started Mullins Enterprises in 2011.

Mike McComas came on board in 2015, first as CFO of Mullins Enterprises and in April 2018, shifting to his current role as president of Legacy Restoration. Throughout his career, he has specialized in growing businesses quickly through expansion and acquisitions. During his tenure, Legacy Restoration has grown from a 12 person team generating revenue of $7 million per year to a now 100 person team in three major cities with revenue approaching $30 million this year.

McComas credits a strong banking relationship with North American Banking Company’s Rich Gove as one of the reasons for their growth. Mullins Enterprises began working with business banker Rich Gove when Rich was at Great Western Bank.

“We interviewed several banks and it was really Rich that attracted us to Great Western. Having the bank do the due diligence, you get to know a lot more about the bank,” said McComas. “He didn’t ask stupid questions. It was really about getting to know us. Getting to know how we operated and getting into our purposes, values and vision. That’s how he bought in and how we bought in seeing the same things from him.”

When Rich made the move to North American Banking Company in 2018, McComas said they wanted to keep their banking relationship with Rich. He was always responsive to their needs and available to discuss their needs at any time.

“I remember being on top of a building in Lafayette, LA and he called about something to do with the financials I had just sent him,” said McComas. “We were able to talk it through and he understood it very quickly. I was available to him just as he was available to me. “

McComas stresses that banking is about relationships. The banking relationship helps them expand their business, especially during the winter months when they can’t build outside in the colder climates they serve.

“It really is the relationship with Rich. He’s had some really good people around him. To have that kind of close relationship with someone, you know that if there are any issues, you can clear them up really quickly on either side. We’re probably really spoiled with our banking relationship but that’s what we expected. I don’t know where else you can get that kind of relationship. “

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