Planning During the Pandemic

Our business bankers offer tips and guidance on planning for the future in the midst of uncertainty.

Business Central

Welcome to the Business Central, a collection of business resources created by our team of experienced business bankers with business owners in mind. Learn how to start a business, hear from our customers on what banking with us means to them, and much more!

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Choosing the Right Bank for Your Business

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been operating for several years, having the right bank can make a big difference. But how do you know which bank is right for you? These five tips can help.

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Teaming Up for Your Success

We have a long history of helping businesses of all sizes find and maintain their balance, even during challenging times. So, if the economic uncertainty around the pandemic has affected your business, reach out to our team of experienced bankers.

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Here For Our Customers

Whether it is helping a customer plan for what's next, figuring out a way to save them from high credit card processing fees, or discussing a new opportunity for their business, all of our employees are here to help our customers!

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Credit Card Processing

Are you overpaying for credit card processing? And getting poor service to boot? We can help!

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Purchasing a Franchise

Are you thinking about purchasing a franchise? Business banker Matt Adams offers his top tips along with other considerations for this common path to business ownership.

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Succession Planning for Private Businesses

It is human nature to be more excited about beginnings than endings, but for business owners, it is critical to have a clear-eyed vision of how the end of their ownership will look.

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Making Tax Preparation a Habit

Year-round tax planning is a must for all business owners. Business banker Brad Benesh offers tips on how to organize your tax planning.

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Making Big Decisions

Every business owner will have eventually have to make big decisions about their company. AVP/Business Banking Ben Loesel highlights how a trusted banker can help prepare you for these decisions.

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Managing Cash Flow

Many business owners struggle with cash flow at first. AVP/Business Banking Michael Ostergren offers tips for business owners on how to plan for seasonal changes, taxes and other scenarios.